Comedian D’Lai Opens Up About Raising His Sons, Life Before Comedy, And More On ‘Welcome To My House’

Nika Simone is back for another episode of ‘Welcome To My House’ and this time she sits with Comedian D’Lai. The New Orleans raised comedian would invite Simone into his home to discuss how he got into comedy, raising his young sons, and working with several respected comedians including Katt Williams, Bill Bellamy, and Dick Gregory.

If you happen to follow the father of two on social media, you would know that D’Lai has found a way to incorporate his fatherhood with online comedy. Many of his jokes online are based around his very honest relationship with his sons. “It may not work for everybody …. I just don’t feel comfortable putting my boys in a shell..,” D’lai would share to defend his style of parenting. The conversation lasts a little over 43 minutes, pull up a seat and enjoy. Who should Nika visit next?