Comedian Lewis Belt Releases Debut Comedy Album, ‘Never Grew Up’


Comedian Lewis Belt out of Oakland, is now ready to spread his comedic voice in the comedy album world. On August 9th he released his first ever comedy album entitled ‘Never Grew Up’ produced by his company Do2Much Entertainment. The 12-track project highlights the young comedians fears, dating, older women, and even some social topics. Check out an excerpt from the album’s press release;

On Never Grew Up, Belt speaks his truth as he’d like to call it, bringing to life his everyday paranoia about whether he’s broke or not, touching on some of his immature qualities when it comes to dating, but also openly sharing that he enjoys learning from “cougars” and more experienced women who can open his mind to new things. This album touches on some current social issues such as the R Kelly scandal, but also his interesting perspective on the newfound confidence and bravado that Cardi B has given strippers around the globe. His combination of youthful energy, uncanny comedic timing and poise beyond his years is on full display throughout the album. The full package of raw uncut Lewis Belt oozes throughout. The album was recorded live at the Filmore Heritage Center in San Francisco, during a live taping of the visual edition of Lewis’ debut comedy special set to release later in 2019.

The album is out now across the net on platforms like Tidal, Spotify, and Apple. You can check out ‘Never Grew Up’ here.

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