Comedian Pierre On Welcome To My House: Talks About Getting Shot, Trying To Date Halle Berry And Advice For Mo’Nique

A new Welcome To My House with Nika Simmone is finally here! This time around, Nika sits down with comedy veteran Pierre. Fans might remember Pierre in comedy classics like How To Be A Player, B.A.P.S., The Wash and even his own original films (For Da Love Of Money & the Slice franchise). Over the last few years, Pierre has started getting back into stand-up after some time away from the business.

In his talk with Nika, we get to hear about Pierre’s upbringing, being shot 3 times, filming B.A.P.S. with Halle Berry, his book ‘My 100 Homies and Phonies of Hollywood’ and his advice for Mo’Nique. Pull up a chair and hit play for this hour-long conversation.

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