Comedian Quincy Jones Has A In-Depth Interview On BHL’s Stand-Up, Sit-Down With Host Nick Perdue: “Don’t Disrespect Me Because I’m A Comic”

We’ve seen several interviews with comedian Quincy Jones as he’s been prepping for his first ever comedy special. For a stop at Black Hollywood Live, the cancer-stricken comic talked with host Nick Perdue of series Stand-Up, Sit Down. The conversation covers everything from Quincy’s take on hecklers and how often he develops new material.

I’ve had to tell a few people, “Don’t disrespect me because I’m a comic, who you think you’re talking to? I’m a grown man, this is my job.. I don’t care who you’re here with.” Then they realize that this guy is serious about it.

As previously mentioned, Quincy’s first comedy special is set to premiere with HBO this June 2nd, Burning The Light.

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