Comedian Under The Radar: Comedian Stroy Moyd Drives For Uber And Helps Passengers Find Love

Comedian Story Moyd is attemtping to blend dating and Uber with his new series, Rideshare The Love. The stand-up comedian has been keeping his hustle going as a Uber driver but now wants to help people find love.

Introducing a new dating show “Rideshare the Love”, combining the worlds of ride sharing and dating, RSTL is a new take on an old classic. It’s Cash Cab meets The Dating Game. The show is simple, after having a friend set them up, contestants hop into a car being driven by our host, comedian Stroy Moyd, needing a ride. They leave either in love, or $200 richer. The contestant will have two possible suitors. The host will ask a series of questions to the suitors and based on the answers the contestant will choose who they want to go on a date with. When they make their decision the host will give them one last offer, love or money.

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