Comedians, ‘Laffy Taffy’ Wants To Pay You $10,000 If You Win Their Joke Contest

Photo: Laffy Taffy

Candy company ‘Laffy Taffy’ and Nick Cannon are looking for someone funny to win their ‘Chief Laugh Officer’ contest. Now till the end of May, Laffy Taffy will be allowing comedy hopefuls to upload videos of themselves cracking jokes in hopes of winning $10,000 and a trip to Los Angeles. Once a submission is uploaded, contestants will then be chosen based on the number of votes they receive. Finalist that make it to LA will have to perform on a show at Hollywood’s Laugh Factory, which a winner be crowned as Laffy Taffy’s ‘Chief Laugh Officer’.

Jerry Seinfeld. Richard Prior. Laffy Taffy wrappers. These might be the three most influential comedic forces of the 20th century, and you have the chance to be nominally associated with one of them. And also Nick Cannon. Laffy Taffy is searching for a Chief Laugh Officer via a nationwide contest, and if you win, you’ll get call yourself Chief Laugh Officer, be the proud owner of $10,000, and have the chance to collaborate on jokes to appear on the candy’s wrappers.


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