Comedic Actress Awkwafina Talks About Changing The Narrative For Asian Women In Entertainment


This August, movie goers will get to see a fresh perspective in theaters thanks to upcoming film, Crazy Rich Asians. In the romantic comedy, comedic actress Awkwafina will get to shine throughout the film as much of the film’s comedic relief. To better explain her career path, Awkwafina talked with HYPEBAE in a recent interview and shared she’s fully aware of making sure that the representation of Asian women is fairly represented.

HB: To your audience, it’s evident that you understand the responsibility you have to fight for proper Asian-American representation. Where does this unapologetic attitude come from?

The unapologetic attitude is a combination of not ever giving a shit and standing up for what you feel is right even if it makes you look bad. When I first started my career, I didn’t mean to represent Asian-Americans because I didn’t want my Asian-ness to define me. My first ever show was at Sarah Lawrence College and a young woman came up to me and thanked me for “showing her it was possible.” That moment never left me, and it was then that I realized that whether I like it or not, my actions will affect my people. I will always use my platform to fight for what’s right, and that includes walking out of auditions for one dimensional roles and standing up against ignorance from people who could potentially employ you. All my life, I’ve surprised people simply by interacting with them. By simply being me, I changed traditional attitudes on what people expect Asian women to be.


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