Comedy Album Spotlight: Zack Lyman’s ‘Sorry I Am Late’ Album

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Zack Lyman is a stand-up comedian out of Arizona who recently released his latest comedy album, ‘Sorry I Am Late’. ‘Sorry I Am Late’ is an 11-track album where he has been working towards putting together over the past 4 years, as stated via his Instagram page. Outside of ‘S.I.A.L’, Zack runs his own podcast, produces online shows and even has a comic book.


The ‘Sorry I Am Late’ cover artwork is shown with Zack lying back in a park with a female friend holding a match near his heart, which could be a symbolized depiction of getting his heart burned/broken from a “major breakup”, an experience that he later addresses in the album. I like this artwork because it is open for interpretation and the listeners can create their own meaning to it, while it also shows off Zack’s edgy personality.


Throughout the album, Zack does a great job storytelling. He vividly describes the setting to where you can picture the environment that he’s talking about. In the intro track, “America May or May Not Have Talent” he compares his talent to the talents of others around him and starts to question if he really holds a worthy enough talent compared to his competition. I was able to follow his story easily just from his storytelling technique. I really felt like I was in attendance and watching it all unfold as he describes.


In addition to his storytelling ability, one of his stronger comedic traits is his personality. Throughout the whole album as he tells stories from personal experiences, he smoothly switches in and out from comedian to actor. Zack can tell a story and have the crowd more engaged by acting out the characters in the story. While listening to this album, I could see Zack doing stand-up and acting out specific characters, while doing voiceovers by changing voices when detailing the interactions with different people.


My top two favorite tracks are “Don’t Buy 500 Dollar Cars” and “Starbucks Mental Break Down”. These stories are easily relatable because the majority of us have visited our local Starbucks and have a story about the experience and even if we haven’t bought a “500 Dollar Car” we may know someone who has. Buying a 500-dollar car is one of the many failures that Zack openly accepts. He shares about a time where he had one and ended just leaving it where it was because of the issues he had with the car, in addition to losing the car key. On top of the experience, he’s then contacted by the police concerning his car and his response to the police’s interaction is what I found hilarious but at the same time very reasonable and understanding. I’ll leave this story for you to listen and check out in your personal time.

“Starbucks Mental Break Down” is a funny and entertaining story. The crowd was able to easily relate. Even when taking a trip to Starbucks, to not only to grab your favorite Frappuccino but also to “get some work done.” The irony is that many people, who go to Starbucks to get some work done, sometimes don’t get anything done at all. From all the extra Starbucks distractions, it leads Zack’s mind to be distracted by the use of a restroom stall and a Starbucks employee calling for a customer to pick up their order. Even through the distractions, Zack leaves Starbucks thinking; “I got a lot done today” which is what most people still tell themselves. This is one of his more in-depth tracks that I would highly suggest giving a listen to.

Overall, ‘Sorry I Am Late’  has been a pretty good comedy album experience. Zack brings a unique perspective, which is entertaining to hear. I feel like he has plenty of stories from personal experiences that would be worth the listen.