Comedy Cellar Owner Thinks Louis CK Should Have Addressed Scandal During Surprise Performance

The talk of the town right now is Louis CK’s recent return to the comedy stage after months of staying out of the spotlight. The loved comedian would get outed by several fellow comedians for inappropriate behavior and later would admit to the allegations. The other night, CK surprised patrons at New York City’s Comedy Cellar and reportedly received a warm welcome. Now in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, owner of The Comedy Cellar Noam Dworman has opened up about CK stopping by his comedy club. Dworman’s main thoughts are he felt CK should have given the club a heads up about his visit and some reflective material on the scandal could have made things easier to digest.

THR: You said that you were sleeping at the time, but do you know how he was received by the audience?

Warmly. There was one man who was there who complained in an email the next day and then he and I spoke about it at length. But we had four or five positive emails from customers and if you hear the audio, you hear a real ovation for him. Having said that, what he didn’t do is that he didn’t go on and address the issue — he just went on and did a regular set. And I think that was a missed opportunity for him. I think that for a man who signed off from the public with this promise to, “I’ve talked for a long time, now I’m going to listen,” he created the expectation of, “Well, now you’re back after nine months, what did you learn?” And I think that if he had just said something that showed a different side of him, I think the headlines today would be much gentler. And I think that even people who don’t realize they would feel this way would feel a pang of forgiveness if they heard something from him that seemed to deserve forgiveness, if they thought he felt bad or whatever it is. And I’m sure he does — I don’t know, he’s never spoken to me about it — but I presume that he does, and I don’t know why he didn’t take that opportunity. Maybe he just thought it was under the radar, but I don’t know, I can’t get in his head. It was certainly a missed opportunity.

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