Comedy Central Renews ‘Six Guys One Car’ With Dormtainment


Late last year, we talked with comedy group Dormtainment as they premiered their newest sketch series with Comedy Central, 6 Guys One Car. During our interview it was unclear wether they would be returning for a new season of the web series, but it has now been revealed that they will. Comedy Central, yesterday announced upcoming projects in their digital department sharing that Dormtainment will continue telling their story of making it day to day.

The in-house creative division for the development of original digital comedy — today unveiled its 2015 slate, including a new series premiere, two returning series and five shows in development. The slate includes renewals of Six Guys One Car from YouTube stars Dormtainment, and New Timers, following two low-key friends that remain unchanged and unfazed by a post-apocalyptic Brooklyn….LA YouTube stars try to live their lives on a shoestring income from their shows and videos. Writers: YouTube’s Dormtainment. Stars: Mike Anthony, Rome Green Jr., Tay Dier, Cameron Miller, Chaz Miller and Amanuel Richards. Director: Nick Goossen.


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