Comedy Club To Use Holograms Of Dead Comedy Legends

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When rapper Tupac appeared as a hologram during 2012’s Coachella Music Festival, it gave fans an experience that they could only enjoy if they went back in time. Now a comedy club in New York City is looking to do the same for comedy fans of a few legends. Plans have been revealed that the National Comedy Center in Jamestown, N.Y. will use hologram technology next year to showcase the routines of several late comedians. New York Times talked with the NCC’s chairman to share more on the project.

Tom Benson, the chairman of the National Comedy Center, described the project in a telephone interview as “a comedy club where folks can go back in time and witness a classic routine in a setting – God knows where it might have been – and experience that as if they were really there.” Mr. Benson said the club would feature 10 to 12 routines of about four to five minutes each, allowing visitors to see “classic gigs from the past, as if they were really taken back in time and seeing it from Madison Square Garden or a stage in Hollywood, not a theater in Jamestown, N.Y.”The virtual comedians will be created by Hologram USA, the Beverly Hills, Calif.-based company that has also made or is working on similar representations of Buddy Holly, Liberace, Julian Assange and Jimmy Kimmel. The club is hoping to spotlight comedians like Milton Berle, Bob Hope, George Carlin and Rodney Dangerfield, although Mr. Benson said deals with these artists’ families and estates were not set and an inaugural lineup could still change.

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