Comedy On Comics: A Black Superhero Origin Story (Starring Jaime Foxx)

Enjoy this original story from Tyler Richardson entitled ‘A Black Superhero Origin Story’ with Jamie Foxx 

Marcus watched the rain hit his window during a commercial break. “What the fuck?” As he looked past the rain, he noticed some children playing too close to his car. *Opens window* “Aye! Get yo ass away from that Kia Sorrento! What’d you say? Ya momma loves back shots!” Sitting back down to watch more Jeopardy, his phone lit up. Another unarmed black man has been killed by a police officer. Marcus went to Twitter for details on the crime:

“Timothy Graham was driving through Oklahoma City when he was pulled over for a defective taillight. As the officer approached Timothy, fear mounted on both sides. Timothy and Officer Miller were well aware of the situation they found themselves in. Timothy gripped the steering wheel as though his life depended on it. Officer Miller could see Timothy’s discomfort as he approached the driver’s side window with his gun drawn. “License and registration sir?” Timothy, seeing the officer’s gun for the first time jumped and began to turn. “Why the f…” The officer fires.”

Marcus can hardly contain his anger. “What the fuck was a black man doing in Oklahoma?! Shit. This has to stop.” Marcus had been growing increasingly more angry since Eric Garner’s murderer had not received an indictment in 2014. “We need justice, I’d do anything for some justice.” Just then, a figure stepped from the shadow of his living room.

 “Would you give your life for justice?”

“Only if I can be guaranteed justice will be served. I don’t need people quoting my I Have A Dream speech if niggas are still getting hunted for sport everyday” Marcus replied. The figure held out his hand, it was blacker than any color Marcus had ever seen. Marcus slowly took hold of the hand, and it was deathly cold. In the blink of an eye Marcus was alone again, and beginning to feel faint. He walked into his bathroom and noticed his appearance changing.

Marcus had always been an athletic person. So, he was troubled to see his skin begin to turn grey. His hair also began to wither and fall out. Marcus watched this rapid change in features, and remained silent. That is, until he saw his penis begin to wither. “Nah! Bring my dick back!” Marcus fainted.

When Marcus opened his eyes, he leapt to his feet and checked to see if his penis was alright. “Thank you; and don’t ever fuck with that again. Take my hair, take my teeth, whatever…” Looking back at all of his features, Marcus appeared normal. He questioned whether the weed he’d smoked the night before led to a strange dream. It was time for Marcus to prepare for work, so he continued with his morning as if it were just another day.

On the train ride to work, Marcus scrolled through Instagram and saw several posts with #TimothyGraham. Last night was real, at least the first portion. Marcus looked at pictures of Timothy’s wife and children. Timothy’s mother wept while she described what a beautiful son she’d raised, only to have his life ended so abruptly. “And, people wonder why we have to remind everyone black lives matter” Marcus grumbled. A man next to him Marcus chimed in “I know brother, ALL lives matter.”

“Shut the fuck up.”

The man clawed at his face as his lips merged, and his mouth became no more. Marcus watched in horror, at first, then smiled with delight. When the train doors opened, Marcus quickly exited while passengers attempted to help the seizing man who no longer had a mouth. Once in the clear, Marcus stopped and thought about what he might be capable of. He jumped; thinking he might begin to fly away. “Damn, I still gotta deal with traffic?” Opening his phone, it was still on posts related to #TimothyGraham. The officer involved had been named: Franklin Miller. As Marcus read his name, a glow began to overtake his appearance… and he disappeared.

Marcus found himself standing in front of Franklin Miller. Both men looked confused, but Franklin’s expression quickly turned to fear while Marcus’ became elation.

“Don’t move, and don’t speak. You’re a murderer…”

“But…” As soon as Franklin began to speak Marcus grabbed him by his shoulders and ripped him in half like a doll. Marcus could hardly believe the scene in front of him. He’d murdered someone. Marcus wasn’t violent, he hadn’t been in a fight since middle school. Walking out of Franklin’s front door, Marcus was met by camera crews. They’d been waiting to ask questions of the ongoing investigation related to Timothy Graham’s death. Realizing it wouldn’t be long until people knew the fate of Franklin Miller, Marcus grabbed a microphone near him.

“The justice system has let everyone down for too long. Franklin Miller is dead. And, to those of you that got away with murdering an unarmed, innocent person; I’m coming. I’m not waging war on cops, I’m bringing murderers to justice.”

And, with that, Marcus disappeared.