Comedy On Comics: Deadpool 2 “Wet On Wet” Teaser Arrives, First Thoughts

Deadpool is a comic book character so close to my heart. I could not have been more thrilled when the internet caught wind of the test footage and ran with it. Good job nerds! I mean that in the best possible way. But, here’s the problem: Fox. Now that Deadpool was incredibly successful, Big Daddy Fox has stepped up the show. For those that didn’t realize it, the first film’s director Tim Miller exited the sequel shortly after it was announced. He didn’t go around bashing Fox, or people involved, but ultimately it came down to “creative differences.”

Well, the Deadpool train don’t stop, now we’re mere months away from the sequel to the highest grossing R-Rated movie of all-time. Zazie Beetz as Domino: Eh, let’s just call her Zazie Beetz from now on. I love her, but that’s not Domino. It’s Zazie Beetz with a birthmark. Which made me dread Cable’s casting. Go look up the concept art for Brad Pitt as Cable. Back again? Okay, now here’s Josh Brolin as Cable:


But, the Deadpool train don’t stop. We’ve gotten little glimpses here and there, but mostly focusing on Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool. For good reason, it’s his movie, let him do his thing. But, the longer we go without knowledge of the plot, or seeing X-Force members in action; I worry. For those that don’t know, there are already plans of an X-Force franchise following Deadpool 2. X-Force is similar to X-Men (but a black ops team running covert missions) and since Fox doesn’t seem to want Wolverine recasted, they’ll use Deadpool as their new Wolverine.

Fox just released a new teaser for Deadpool 2. Watch first, then let’s chat.

Okay, now right off the bat, the painting monologue wasn’t that funny. I love Ryan Reynolds, I love Deadpool, but that didn’t do the trick. Soylent Green got a smile, but “whack that off” I won’t even dignify with a response. Maybe I’m a snob, the cocaine part wasn’t bad. If you laughed, let me know and I’ll reevaluate why the joy in me has died. Did you notice the brief clips of the actual movie (starts at 1:30)? Here’s what I saw:

  • Looks like a new love interest, or Vanessa Carlysle (Morena Baccarin) got a killer weave.
  • Negasonic Teenage Warhead got her yellow and blues. I’m actually looking forward to X-Men movies where they have the yellow and gold costumes I grew up with in comics.
  • Who’s that chubby kid?
  • Zazie Beetz kicks open a door.
  • Nice to see Blind Al and Weasel are back.
  • At in the last moment of the trailer they show us Cable’s glove. You have got to be kidding me.

And, that’s it. In those 10 seconds we got nothing. That was on purpose, but still. The trailer where we first see Zazie and Brolin speak and engage Deadpool will be major. If they (more specifically Brolin) aren’t magical playing off Reynolds, X-Force is looking pretty beat. You know, about a week ago there was reporting that Disney was looking to acquire a large portion of Fox. Do you know what that would mean? It would mean the X-Men, Deadpool, Fantastic Four, and all that go with them (Dr. Doom, Galactus, Skrulls, etc.) would be property of Disney. Disney owns Marvel Studios.

Talks have stalled for now, but that doesn’t mean it can’t/won’t happen. Sigh, I’m crossing all of my fingers and toes hoping that Marvel gets all of their characters back. But, until then what do you think of the teaser? Are you getting excited for Deadpool’s next adventure? June 2018 will be here before we know it. Here’s to hoping I’m way off base. Remember: Hugs Not Drugs.

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