Comedy Hype Becomes The World’s First Social Comedy Network

The journey, and the process still remains the same. When Comedy Hype first started it was a simple idea of offering comedy content to an overlooked market. Since then we have kept pushing forward fearlessly. Today we like to announce the next step for us at CH. Comedy Hype has now expanded into becoming a Social Comedy Network. And it appears to be the first.

What is a social comedy network? Imagine everything you love about other social networks mixed in with people who love comedy.

We will continue sharing the coolest things taking place in comedy news and this time with your help. All of the latest comedy stories will be located directly on the homepage of ComedyHype.Com. Outside of the news; we now allow anyone to create user profiles and groups to connect with other comedy lovers. Together we will break comedy stories and then discuss them. Comedians you now have a growing audience to introduce yourself to by writing a funny article on something in pop culture, or by sharing a funny video of yours. Comedy Hype is an extra tool for you to share your comedic point of view.

Our goal with the new adaptation is to keep comedy up to date with the current climate of the internet as well as help launch the newest voices in comedy. Comedians and comedy lovers you now have a platform dedicated to you. Sign up today, click here. – ComedyHype.Com

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