Comedy Hype: Deon Cole Adds Entrepreneur To His Resume, Launches Hair Device


Back in 2002, Deon Cole would find himself in his hometown of Chicago on the set of comedy flick, ‘Barbershop’. Nearly 16 years later, the respected stand-up comedian is back in the shop; but this time around brings his own product. Cole along with business partner Rose Rise, have recently launched what they call the ‘EZ Scratch’. The device is hoping to give women & men an elegant way of dealing with an itchy scalp. You just simply pull out the device and begin scratching any part of your head. The device even works as a good way to detangle braided hair.

Deon’s involvement with the device would happen after one of his comedy shows in Houston, TX. “My now partner came to me to take a picture and then started talking to me about this hair device…. I started talking to her to the point everyone was like, “Uh n*gga we got places to go.” Me and her talked and started banging out the concept. I started doing research and told myself, “Man this might be something”… It took us about a year and some months. And here we are.”

Much different than what we’ve seen from other celebrity products, Cole appears to be proud of being apart of the actual development of ‘EZ Scrath’. “This is no endorsement, this me and my partner Rose…. created, designed, patented and everything,” he would go on to share.

Check out the mini-commercial for the product

Cole even shared that he’s using his approach in comedy as a way to influence how he promotes the new product. “When it comes to my stand-up…. less is more….. that’s how I’m taking the approach on this…” Upon checking out EZ Scratch’s Instagram page, actresses from Niecy Nash to Kym Whitley have already started helping get the word. Some of the most successful products started as a simple solution, so Deon could be very well on his way to make a mark in the hair industry.

As far as Deon’s comedy career, don’t worry folks. When asked what would happen if he becomes a hair tycoon? Deon would tell Comedy Hype, “Comedy is always going to be first and foremost… I will always do comedy forever… I don’t care if I become a tycoon with um… gold eyelids [Laughs] you’re going to see me on stage..”

For all those interested, you can check out Deon’s EZ-Scratch device, here.

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