Comedy Hype Exclusive: Watch What Happens When Lil Duval & DeRay Davis Meet Their White Neighbor In ‘Grow House’, DVD Release

Tomorrow, comedy Grow House starring DeRay Davis & Lil Duval will be available on DVD along with a digital release. As mentioned before on Comedy Hype, the film tells a story of two friends who end up needing money; so they decide to grow medical marijuana. Of course with them not having any experience in the trade, the film is given several comedic angles. We were able to get our hands on a exclusive scene from the film which was written and directed by DJ Pooh of Friday. In the scene Duval and Davis finally meet their white neighbor, and things almost take the wrong turn. The film also includes Raquel Lee, George Wallace, Snoop Dogg, Faizon Love, Martin Starr and more.

Check out the exclusive scene below. Grow House is set to be available on DVD and Digital on September 26th. Meet the new neighbors.

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