Comedy Hype: Ian Edwards Touches On His New Comedy Central Special, ‘IanTalk: Ideas Not Worth Spreading’


Comedian and writer Ian Edwards has been a favorite amongst diehard comedy fans for a while now. Ian’s witty commentary and quirky thoughts are highly enjoyable and continues to resonate with you long after it’s over. Tonight, Ian will debut his comedy special, “IanTalk: Ideas Not Worth Spreading” on Comedy Central. Comedy Hype caught up with Ian to chat about his brand new Comedy Central special, plus more!

CH: Your brand new comedy special, “IanTalk: Ideas Not Worth Spreading” premieres tonight on Comedy Central. What made you decide that it was finally time to release a comedy special?

IE: I’ve always wanted to do a special, but the opportunity never presented itself. Initially, I was going to spend my own money to shoot my own special, but then Bill Burr got a deal with Comedy Central and he wanted to include me in his deal. Bill made it so I could make money instead of having to spend my own money [Laughs].

CH: In the beginning of the special, you receive an incredible intro from your good friend, Bill Burr. How important was it for you to have Bill Burr be the person to introduce you in your debut comedy special?

IE: Well, it was important for him to be there in general. We did 2 shows in an 800 seat venue and Bill helped get people out to the show and also helped by doing some material for the audience before introducing me. I just want to thank my friends Bill Burr, Al Madrigal and Mike Bertolina for their help putting together this special night.

CH: In your new special, you used the TedTalk format. It was a very entertaining and refreshing. Why did you choose to implement this format for your special?

IE: There’s so many specials out there and I had to figure out a way to stand out and add another layer to my comedy and make my special more intriguing. I’m very happy with the way that it turned out and I think people will appreciate how it’ll being presented when they watch tonight.

CH: In your special, “IanTalk”: Ideas Not Worth Spreading”, were there some ideas that didn’t make the cut? How did you decide what ideas to include and what to pass on for this special?

IE: We actually shot a lot more topics than what you’ll actually see tonight. Honestly, we just kept whatever seemed to flow and we cut the parts that didn’t. Also, some of the material may have been material I wasn’t a fan of anymore so I cut it. And then there was material that was brand new and I decided to save it for other projects.

CH: You also host the podcast, “Soccer Comics Rant” on the All Things Comedy Network. Anyone who’s a fan of yours knows how big of a soccer fan you are — how exciting was it when the United States Women’s Soccer Team recently won their 4th World Cup title?

IE: It was very exciting because that team worked really hard and it paid off when they got the prize that they worked so hard for. Any time a team wins a World Cup, it’s pretty exciting. Lots of respect to the United States Women’s Soccer Team.

CH: Your brand new special premieres tonight and fans can listen to your podcast, “Soccer Comics Rant” on the All Things Comedy Network. What else can Ian Edwards fans do to stay in touch with you?

IE: I have some tour dates coming up, so people can come check me out live. I will have those dates listed on my site. I hope people really enjoy my new special tonight on Comedy Central. You can catch the brand new Ian Edwards special, “IanTalk: Ideas Not Worth Spreading”, tonight on Comedy Central at 12/11c.


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