Comedy Hype Lands Distribution Deal, To Launch Comedy Album Label

Today, under a new partnership with music distributor RSG Global, Comedy Hype announces it will now enter the world of comedy albums. The goal is to help a line-up of established and emerging talents by supplying their audiences with audio content from them on a massive level. Given that Comedy Hype has focused on a niche of comedians, it will be one of the first company’s to start a comedy album label featuring a roster of predominately black comedic artist.

The label, which its name has yet to be announced looks to produce a series of compilation albums, specialty albums, and much more under the new RSG partnership. “I believe Comedy Hype as a media platform and comedy label will provide a professional and consistent outlet for urban comedy professionals, and become a new monetization gateway for stand up talent,” Marq Sears, CEO at RSG.

This news follows the recent redesign of Comedy Hype’s website, logo, and efforts into the live ticket industry.

“We set out to be an innovator in the space of comedy and with this new deal, we’re excited to further expand our vision. Thank you to RSG for seeing the value of what we’ve been building over the last several years. We’re looking forward to helping more comedians expand their voices in the world of audio content,” Jon Williams, creative director and partner at Comedy Hype.

The first project from the new label is expected to premiere before the closing of 2018. Look out for details.

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