Comedy Hype: Marlon Wayans Transitions To Stand-Up, Everyone Wants To Know Is He Funny?

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We’ve all got familiar with Marlon Wayans from past credits including The Wayans Brothers show, White Chicks and as of recent the Haunted House franchise. After eyeing a shot at playing Richard Pryor, Marlon has grown his own love for stand-up comedy, that now has him traveling across the country entertaining crowds. There is one question though, is he funny outside of film and tv? Comedy Hype writer Nika Simone caught up with Wayans during his most recent stop at California’s The Ice House Comedy Club to find out. She recounts her night out below.

The name Wayans is a part of comedy royalty. From mainstream to urban, television to film, even animation, their mark is made in the entertainment world. But responses to this new surge of Marlon Wayans doing stand-up…Is he funny? Two sold out shows at The Ice House Comedy Club in Pasadena, Ca. on a Tuesday and Wednesday and yes…I came to see IF he was funny.

As host comedian DC Ervin announces Marlon’s name, the Ice House is filled with applause, cheers and random whistles. Everyone’s heads on the swivel searching for the headliner and so was mine; he came out of a totally different entrance than his openers. As he slowly makes his way to the stage surveying the crowd he’s giving head nods of acknowledgement to individuals; inciting the crowd even more. “Damn y’all make me feel like a rock star!,” exclaimed Wayans as he throws his hands up like one. Marlon is known for being that overly animated silly comedic actor that the world has fell in love with. He showed his dramatic depth when he was casted in the critically acclaimed Darren Aronofsky’s film “Requiem For a Dream” and showcased his movie star potential in “G.I. Joe; The Rise Of Cobra”, but stand-up is a different.

Marlon: “People always come up to me after the show and say they came to see if I was funny and I get it. Stand-up funny is different than television funny or movies.”

Nika: “In all honesty, that’s why I came out tonight; to see if you were funny.”

Launching their first tour ever as brothers in July of 2014, the comedy family believes that “Even amid success in the worlds of television and film, stand-up should always remain their greatest passion.” (Wall street journal, July 25, 2014) The Wayans brothers have been hitting up comedy clubs across the country and the youngest of the Wayans brothers, Marlon has branched out on his own; releasing more and more club dates in the new year.

 “I’m not just doing this to be doing this. I understand that “is he funny” but I got goals in this. I want specials. I’m out here working towards that,” says Marlon.

In an interview with The Grio, Marlon expresses he fell in love with the stage while prepping for the chance at playing Richard Pryor.  “I started out wanting to play a great, and now I’ve fell in love with stand-up and I just want to be great,” he told The Grio.

During the night, Marlon’s delivery was comfortable and not forced, energetic and animated like expected. It even was emotional, as he began tearing up about trials in his life growing up in the Wayans home, disciplining his kids, and his TMZ exposed cheating situation that destroyed his relationship.

For the most part, he wasn’t that dude we see in “Scary Movie” and “White Chicks”; he is a comedian.

We know Damon and Keenan came from the stage and Shawn was the hearthrob but the question “if Marlon is funny?” can now be considered answered; YES HE IS!

Nika Simone

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For those who want to catch Marlon live, he will have his next show in Charlotte, North Carolina at The Comedy Zone , starting from Feb. 5th – 7th.

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