Comedy Hype: Pro Era’s Kwon Swank Wants Fans To Know More Laughs Are On The Way

Photography provided by Brandon Espy

Pro Era is widely known for its roots in Hip-Hop but what some may not know is that amongst their group of creatives you will find the humorous Kwon Swank. The New York bred comedian and personality has traveled near and wide with Joey Badass and the Pro Era crew all while keeping audiences laughing. Now in a recent stop in Los Angeles he looks to get back to making people laugh as we move deeper into the new year. Kwon took some time out to introduce himself to Comedy Hype readers, and all those wondering how comedy intertwines with his life.


CH: Starting off, is Kwon Swank your real name?

KS: Kwon is short for Raekwon The Chef. I was named after Raekwon The Chef from the Wu-Tang Clan. Swank is a word that me and Pro Era use to separate us from everybody that used the word swag because we wanted to be different and it’s really a fashion word. People in the fashion industry use it.

CH: How did you get into Pro Era?

KS: I didn’t go to school with nobody from Pro Era . I met Pro Era through Joey Badass. Joey is my cousin and I was always with him. They all were like you might as well be down.

CH: What were you doing before Pro Era?

KS: I was playing basketball and and then things started taking off with Pro Era and my YouTube channel; so I stopped playing basketball and that was it.

CH: Did people just always know that you were the funny guy?

KS: People always looked at me as the class clown, and that’s what got me into doing sketches on YouTube and people were like you need to do this. You need to have your own show.

CH: Your energy is laid back, so do you consider yourself like A slapstick type of comedian, a logical type of comedian or all of the above?

KS: It’s just whatever I’m feeling that day. Like my funny is based on the environment that I’m in at that point in time. Being funny is really just natural for me.

CH: How many years have you been doing standup?

KS: I started back in 2014, so two years, but I been funny all my life.

Photography provided by Brandon Espy

CH: Did you ever take any courses or was taught structure in stand-up?

KS: No I took an acting course that was it and for a stand-up my friend was doing stand-up and he just basically gave me pointers and coached me up a little bit. Which helped me get over some of my fear because at first I was nervous to do it.

CH: But you were hosting in front of thousands, you would think you’d be comfortable?
KS: But that’s hosting, throw a little joke out there and if it doesn’t hit then it doesn’t hit, but you still end up bringing out the artist. I don’t see hosting is really getting into stand-up like that.

CH: Any jokes not go over?

KS: Yeah I said a joke about guys bringing the girls to the show and it didn’t go that well; A couple people laughed but most people there were just like whatever..that’s why I don’t really tell jokes like that. I just get the crowd hyped and ready for the next artist and that’s it. My sets weren’t long anyway.

CH: Do you see yourself going hard in comedy and coming out with a comedy special/album anytime soon?

KS: Yeah. But it’s going to be hard because I don’t like to write comedy. I like writing drama just like real life sh*t. I like to throw comedy in there but I just can’t be all comedy. Mainly I just want to be looked at as versatile so I can showcase different facets of myself.

CH: Do you think being around the Hip Hop community gives you another perspective that most comedians don’t have?

KS: No, not at all because most comedians are in to Hip-Hop, music and comedy go hand-in-hand.

Photography provided by Brandon Espy

CH: Have you ran into any rappers that were surprisingly just as funny as you?

KS: No, but I like to say that Schoolboy Q, Action Bronson, and Vince Staples are funny. I’ve experience some funny moments around them.

CH: What do you think about the state of comedy right now?

KS: Instagram is really driving the comedy game right now because most of the writers in the game are just watching Instagram in and get ideas from the people keep posting.

CH: Who do you think is really representing in all forms of comedy TV, movie and stand up?
KS: DC young fly shouts out to him , he’s the only one I know that’s really making noise. Because I believe you not really official Comedian unless you can do standup.

CH: What made you want to recently move to Los Angeles?

KS: I got off tour came back to LA to to focus and get out of Brooklyn I’m really just here to revive my creative juices, and get away from the stress.

CH: Any projects you working on right now?

KS: I wrote out a web series that i’ve been working on it since 2015, but it’s on hold due to lack of finances for the project.


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