Comedy Hype: Toronto’s Comedian Trixx Can Be Considered As Comedy’s Ferris Bueller

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As one of our finalist on this year’s Stage Chaser’s list, we put a spotlight on Comedian Trixx out of Toronto, CA. For fans in the states, Trixx may be a newer name but he’s been well received in Canada for quite some time now. Writer Pepper Brooks helps introduce Trixx by taking the classic film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and sharing how Trixx is no different.

By PepperBrooks

It’s 7:50pm, on a warmer than normal winter day in Toronto, Canada. There’s a dark room filled with chairs and packed with a melting pot of people. Beers flowing on tap, cocktails being sipped as the crowd anticipates one of North America’s up-and-coming stand-up comedians, Frankie ‘Trixx’ Agyemang. The light shines; he skips a step onto the stage, adjusts the microphone, swings the cord out of the way, clears his throat and scans the audience looking for his next target. Another day in the office for Trixx.

Frankie Agyemang, who goes by the name Trixx on stage delivers humor on race by using his own Ghanaian background and all others while dangling on the offensive border. Why do fans continue to cheer for Trixx in every phase of his career? Because he’s funny and he can get away with it! Canada is  known for it’s diversity and Trixx honours his national pride by exercising his freedom of speech on the comedy platform. If you’ve ever watched the pop culture classic, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, you’ll notice the main character, trying to dominate his environment. Trixx Bueller, as he sometimes calls himself, mirrors Ferris Bueller, as his popularity continues to grow worldwide. Let’s justify his last name with pointing out distinct comparisons between him and Ferris.

DRIVEN – Ferris joyrides a red Ferrari,  Trixx ‘Rides the Red Rocket’, the public transit, a slogan adopted by the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC).

THERAPIST – Ferris is motivated to help his best friend Cameron who has no confidence in the film.  Throughout his performances, Trixx  has motivated others with his famous quotes, “Self-esteem up yourself” and “Stop lying through your nose.”

HABITUAL LINE STEPPER – Ferris is a rebel against authority, skips school, plays hooky and develops a practical plan just to take one day off.  Have you heard Trixx on stage? No topics are off limits and he does not care. He even can be spotted wearing a particular T-shirt to prove it! He cares Zero! He doesn’t tend to hold anything back and will not give up his spot at the domino table for anyone.

Trixx’s recent performance at SiriusXM’s Top Comic 2014 semi-finalist Trixx in Ottawa.

TAKE IT EASY – Trixx’s laid back stage presence makes it seem like he’s on a permanent day-off but it’s quite the contrary. In his performances you will see a multifaceted talent with skits and banters on social media. In Ferris Bueller’s Day Off audiences fall in love with Ferris because of his clever lines and laid back perspective on life. One quote that rings true, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” As we move through the hustle and bustle of our own storyline, Trixx reminds us to take life a little less seriously. No culture or ethnicity is immune to his wrath, yet they all love and respect him – this is what separates the average comedian from the pack. Get familiar with ‘Trixx Bueller’.


  1. Great read, dude comes off funny

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    I love Trixx, super talented, sharp with unexpected soft side!

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