Comedy Hype’s Instagram Top 5: Week 5

Another week, and more laughs. Here’s our 5 funniest Instagram post from this week, put together by our very own @OsameBinJokin.

#1 Every Story Has Two Sides

We all have that one friend who always lies about who won the fight even though they’re looking like Martin after Tommy Hernes beat them up.

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#2 Nothing Gets You Out Of Dishes

If you know anything about a black mother there’s two things you can never escape, a whooping and doing dishes.

#3 Unexpected Guests

When you move to a new apartment on your own, you never know what to expect. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and they’ll leave furniture but in this situation they left a “pet”.

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#4 It Wasn’t Me

If you’re going to have a side chick, the biggest rule to follow is don’t let your girlfriend find out. So that means when your side chick wants a picture you have to do whatever to get to not be in it.

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#5 SweetFoHeadSaturday

Rapper The Game makes the list again by making fun of Plies’s forehead that is so big that it looks like he’s thinking for two. And also goes in on him for looking like the Kirk Franklin who could never make it Sunday school.

Come back for more next week, and if you have something funny to share tag us on Instagram, @ComedyHype.

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  1. When the girl turned around lol, first one had me laughing the most

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