Comedy Life: Kevin Hart Show’s Off His 1966 Pontiac GTO

kevin hart car

You should know that some of your favorite comedians ride in style. For a look at what Kevin Hart has in the garage, we take a look at his 1966 Pontiac GTO. Earlier this week Kevin showed off his custom car with his fans on Instagram. Thanks to the people at AutoEvoluiton they breakdown Kevin’s car all the way down to the wheels.

It’s all about Forgiatos baby, whether you’re an artist, an actor, or an entrepreneur, you have to go with these guys if you want people to know who’s driving it. Forgiato means luxury, thus money, thus you’re worth being followed. Or something. We’re still working on how to get a grip on this whole story….So let us take a closer look at the car. First of all, we need not to forget that, even though there were earlier muscle cars, the first generation GTO is considered by some to have started the trend with all four domestic automakers offering a variety of competing models. The 1966 GTO was available as a pillared coupe, a hardtop (without B-pillars), or a convertible and it’s pretty obvious which one is Hart’s ride. This year was the model’s highest production figure for all GTO years, with sales increasing to 96,946 issues. In other words, it’s one damn collectable any person would like to have so we say good for him!





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