Comedy Life: Michael Blackson Finally Finds His Queen, Meet Georgia Reign

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In 2011, Michael Blackson kicked off a web series in which he was in hunt for his ‘American Queen.’ The parody-reality show featured Blackson along with several female contestants who showed interest in the self pro-claimed African King of Comedy. Fast forward to now, ladies who may have been looking to date Blackson are about to quickly find out that he is now a taken man. Over the last month, he has been posting himself and a mystery woman on his Instagram page. When fans began noticing the young lady popping up on his page consistently, they immediately began speculating that it was his new girlfriend. In response, Blackson denied and told fans that it was his neighbor, in which the now identified RnB singer Georgia Reign suggested that she was just his neighbor as well. After weeks of post together continued, things grew to an understanding that they were more than neighbors. In one post, Blackson jokingly wrote the caption “I think she’s stalking me,” under a picture of them out together. Since then it’s been pretty clear that Michael Blackson may have finally found his queen. Check out some pics of Michael and Georgia above.

‘My American Queen’

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