Comedy Hype Review: Chris Rock’s ‘Top 5’ – Here’s Our Top 5 Funniest Moments In The Movie

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Today, Chris Rock’s newest film, Top 5 will be premiering in theaters nationwide. The comedy featuring an ensemble cast of comedians is gaining a lot of talk for Rock. Comedy Hype contributor Nia Moore recently attended a screening of the film and came back with her review. We even highlighted our top 5 funniest moments in the film below (spoiler alert).

Top Five is everything you’d expect from Chris Rock—a smartly written, well-packaged opus that offers gargantuan comedy cameos and a replete storyline. It’s a high school reunion of comedy legends, many of whom graduated from the stages of SNL (Adam Sandler, Jay Pharoah, Tracy Morgan, Leslie Jones) and stand-up (Kevin Hart, Michael Che, Cedric The Entertainer, Seinfeld, Whoopi Goldberg). Chris Rock plays Andre Allen, a comic-turned-movie-star, who’s more focused on marrying his reality TV star fiancée and making it as a serious actor. That is until his path crosses with journalist Chelsea Brown played by Rosario Dawson, who shines light on Andre’s still redeemable comedy career. The storyline itself draws audiences in, but it is a little confusing. Mostly during poorly placed talking points when Andre asks friends and family to name their top five favorite rappers—during times when the plot lags behind the star power of the actors. The banter serves up some big laughs, but it still doesn’t make us forget about the slow trek through the mud of a lackluster plot with bits of debauchery sprinkled in. While the Top Five offers some memorable moments, it’s not a comedy classic (like CB4), and it doesn’t offer a serious lesson learned like in Head of State or in I Think I Love My Wife. So in short, it’s very meh complete with shoulder shrugs.

The Good: Has enough witty improv to keep audience members on their toes. Written for those who obviously love seeing comedians.

The Bad: You can see where some scenes are going a mile away. Plus some scenes rely heavily on nudity, drug usage and just plain old slap-stick, tongue-in-cheek humor, but it doesn’t take away or diminish the overall storyline. The bottom line: A good laugh at what it’s like to be a famous black comedian, who has a come to Jesus moment. Still has enough depth to draw the audience in.

Top 5 Moments: Spoiler Alert!

5. At home with the family: Leslie Jones, Michael Che, Tracy Morgan, Sherri Shepherd, and Jay Pharaoh keep the jokes going in a freestyle-like roast, and discuss their Top 5.

4. Every scene with Cedric The Entertainer: Probably one of the funniest roles for Cedric The Entertainer in a movie, as he plays a promoter in Houston.

3. Tampon+hot sauce+butt: Unexpected, just wait on it.

2. DMX in jail: Totally off-guard, but hilarious as soon as he opens his mouth.

1. Stand-up with Chris Rock at The Comedy Cellar:  There’s one joke (blow-job joke) in particular that makes you hope Rock makes an official return to the stage.

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