Comedy Skit: Is This How Comedians Feel About Kevin Hart’s Success?

With Kevin Hart prepping to be the first comedian to perform at a football arena while on his What Now tour,  he may have a few peers upset with his success. One comedian in particular, Donnivin Jordan (of BET’s Got Game?) seems to think so. Earlier today a quick skit was put together on Instagram by Jordan, in which he acted out how he felt other comedians reacted to news of Kevin’s new tour. The skit which was shared by Wayne215, a member of Hart’s HartBeat Productions team immediately got a reaction amongst fans as Jordan acted out emotions of jealousy. Adding to the skit, Wayne even put out some words to anyone who may feel the same as Jordan’s character.

@DonnivinJordan pretty much nailed it on the head with this video… damn shame some of these hating ass comedians feel the need to go on the radio and throw shade but when yall see him it’s all smiles & hand shakes… Instead of hating try adapting his work ethic it will take you further …

Earlier this month, Aries Spears went on Sway In The Morning radio show and had some not so favorable things to say about Hart.

Hart’s What Now Tour begins April 9th.

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