Comedy Tips: How To Beat Writer’s Block

You should be writing every day. How are you going to get better as a new comic if you don’t have new material? Why can’t I think of anything funny? This is the type of unnecessary pressure you put on yourself to come up with new bits. It’s not just you. Everyone goes through it. Writer’s block happens to the best comedians and even the best novel writers but it’s how they handle it that separates the best from the average newbie. The top comedians and writers have one special thing in common with the best athletes, musicians & successful entrepreneurs: Consistency. The best comics consistently do the work even through writer’s block.

If you find yourself at this point and I know many of you do because that’s the one thing I often hear when talking to my peers, “I need to write more.” Here’s a few things you can do to help you put pen to paper or to start typing away on that blank page.

1. Talk In Front Of A Mirror 

Turn on the recorder on your iPhone and just talk. Shit sounds weird but you’ll start by talking about what you look like and how you feel about what you look like. As you start talking you’ll come up with new ideas and many of the things you say about yourself can be turned into material. If you don’t have a full length mirror, use your bathroom mirror.

2. Use 750Words

Heard this tip on Spiraling Up Podcast by Jon Fisch. Myq Kaplan describes a day and says one of the first things he does after meditating is write on I tried it and it’s been magical. This normally clears the clutter from your mind by blurting it out on online so you clear those meaningless thoughts going through your head and open up your mind creative thinking which will include writing new jokes.

3. Check Out A Show

Sometimes just going to a show will give you a bevy of ideas. It can help you start a bit or get an angle for an existing bit. Notice I didn’t say, watch on Youtube or listen on Spotify. Get up and go to a show. You’ll get your creative juices flowing and watching someone else’s set (especially when they’re doing well) will motivate you to get to writing

Remember, if you’re having a tough time writing do any of the above and hopefully you’ll write consistently just like your mentor or favorite comedian. If not, don’t be so hard on yourself as writer’s block happens to everyone. Good luck on your journey.

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