A Comedy Version Of Love And Hip-Hop In The Works Involving Charlie Murphy And Rob Stapleton


As comedy continues to grow and show that it is apart of everyday culture we may soon be seeing the ins and outs of it on TV. Comedian Rob Stapleton best known for his performance on P. Diddy’s Bad Boys of Comedy in 2005 is currently in process of getting a reality based show about comedy to air. During his recent trip to Hot 97 for Cipha Sounds’s Comedy Corner he revealed that he along with Charlie Murphy have been pitching a show thats aims to show the different things taking place in the comedy world.

       (3:30) Stapleton went on to say, “I completed a project   idea with Charlie Murphy, I thought it was actually time for people to see the plight of comics on stage and off  stage… on stage we are always in control with our material, but off stage all hell breaks loose…fights with promoters over money and comics over material..so me and Charlie came together on the show…..its called ‘Comics Turnt Up’… lets just say its the Love And Hip-Hop of comedy.” According to Rob, BET might be the place where the new show is to premiere, and he even mentioned fellow comedian TK Kirkland is one of the cast members. See what all he had to say about the upcoming series and his soon to come comedy special.

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