Confirmed, Aaron McGruder To Reboot ‘The Boondocks’

As expected by us here at Comedy Hype, ‘The Boondocks’ is officially returning. Today it was announced by Variety that the series from Aaron McGruder is now set to be rebooted for viewers. According to reports, the upcoming animated series will be produced by Sony Pictures Animation with McGruder attached. Last week, John Witherspoon, who plays ‘Granddad’ on the series, would hint that the series was coming back, which has now been confirmed.

To solidify that the show will continue to provide hilarious social commentary, Sony revealed that McGruder is back on board to guide the creative direction. Studio executives described a plot that is eerily similar to the current political sphere, one that will follow the Freemans’ battles against Uncle Ruckus, who is now an evil tyrant running the Woodcrest County government. Huey, Riley, and Grandad will attempt to fight Ruckus’s iron fist in ways that are “both topical and radical.”