Corey Holcomb Speaks Out Against The Suspension Of ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith: Suggest There’s A War On Masculinity


A few days ago ESPN sportscaster Stephen A. Smith was suspended in regards to comments he had on domestic abuse. Corey Holcomb whose comedy at times touches the line of relationships, women and areas in between has spoken out against the suspension. Corey took to his social media account over at Twitter to share his thoughts in which he suggested the suspension deals with a war on masculinity. See what he had to say below.

“@Stephenasmith was suspended to shame him for being bold hearted and to intimidate any man willing to oppose the beasts war on masculinity. @Stephenasmith is my brother & I don’t like to c him get chastised by da wicked. But he’s proof that even if u conform- da beast got no love”

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