Corey Holcomb Explains Why He Called Out Comedians For Stealing Jokes: “I Would Love For Them To Challenge Me..”

corey holcomb

Earlier this October, Corey Holcomb shook things up by publicly calling out several comedians for stealing material, in which he described it as ‘#fakecomicblast.’ Before kicking off a weekend of shows at Fort Lauderdale Improv, Holcomb spoke to Broward Palm Beach New Times to share why he called out the comedians.

Q: Your Twitter feed is an entertaining, crazy spectacle. You treat it like no one else I’ve seen. There was your recent #Comicblast campaign. What thought process goes into it?

……But I do go out of my way to not be so mean, that it’s all the way insulting. Sometimes it’s a little shocking what I say on Twitter, I worry about the way things are going in the world now, if someone may be able to orchestrate some drama against me. Even though I worry about that, I can’t stop doing what I’m doing. It is what it is. As far as those comics I put on blast, I would love for them to challenge me on what I’m saying. Everything I say I can back it up, especially with these comedians, I know these guys. When you’re a comedian who comes out here and you work to come up with original material, then you see these guys who, in my opinion, steal from the comedy game, I have to put them on blast. I could have kept going with people, but I’m just one guy, I can’t be the comedy pope. (laughs) So I just took a stab at those four, but I can’t stay I won’t keep stabbing on folks. Depends on how I feel that day on Twitter.

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