Woah: Corey Holcomb Blast Comedians David A. Arnold, Tony Roberts, Cocoa Brown, And G. Thang For Stealing Jokes

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Corey, Corey, Corey. The controversial at times comedian, Corey Holcomb decided to stir up things Sunday evening with the help of his Twitter page. While doing his usual commentary on different topics on Twitter, Corey quickly got people talking when he started discussing comedians stealing jokes. Not only did he show disapproval for it but he went as far as naming actual comedians. For about an hour span of time, he tweeted off the profile and pictures of seasoned comedians he accused of stealing material. The Twitter profiles of David A. Arnold, G-Thang, Tony Roberts and female comedian Cocoa Brown were mentioned apart of Holcomb’s self-described, ‘Fake Comic Blast.’ Along with the pictures of the accused, Corey continued the insults by sharing his thoughts on the comedians mentioned. Out of the 4 comedians apart of Holcomb’s ‘Fake Comic Blast’, Tyler Perry’s For Better Or Worse star Cocoa Brown seemed to have gotten most of the heat. When discussing Cocoa, Corey didn’t hesitate to comment on her past marriage, and ended up posting her picture twice with insults. Now there is no word on what sparked Holcomb to begin making these claims but this isn’t the first time we seen this type of thing from him. Earlier in September, Corey raised eyebrows when he suggested legendary Paul Mooney was a closet homosexual. So far neither one of the mentioned comedians have yet responded to Holcomb’s claims. Check out his tweets above.

  1. BLAQMENCH says:

    Say what you want about that fat sexist fuck from Chicago, but comic Corey Holcomb keeps it R-E-A-L not on a Reel

  2. Step Daddy says:

    shut up bitch, Corey speaks his mind & you gotta respect that. I am a fan, bitches need discipline!! #5150

  3. Im tired of this shit says:


  4. Is Paul Mooney in the closet??? I thought he was out!

  5. Is Paul Mooney in the closet??? I thought he was out!

  6. David Bailey says:

    5150 Nation

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