Corey Holcomb Slams Mo’Nique On ‘The Breakfast Club’: “I Don’t Think Mo’Nique Is Funny”

This morning, Corey Holcomb ventured to ‘The Breakfast Club’ and would discuss several topics before performing at Carolines Comedy Club this weekend. The Chicago comedian would get a chance to weigh-in on several recent conversations happening in comedy.

While discussing Faizon Love’s criticism on Dave Chappelle, Corey would bring up Mo’Nique into the conversation. According to Corey, he feels that Mo’Nique isn’t funny, and she was out of line for her comments towards host Charlamagne Tha God during a recent visit. “She was arguing about that money .. I was like “She better take that money!,” Holcomb told listeners.

Other parts of their conversation went on to include Corey’s marriage, dating opinions, and Donald Trump. Check out the full conversation, below.