Corey Holcomb Speaks On Black Actors In Drag, Black Jesus, And Stephen A. Smith Beef On Chicago’s Morning Takeover

corey holcomb

For a phone call to WGCI Chicago’s Morning Takeover, Corey Holcomb spoke with Leon Rogers and crew. Sticking to his usual choice of topics we’ve heard on his series 5150, Corey in the first part of the interview went on to explain his beef with Don Lemon & ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith.

They got vehicles where a lot of people watch them and I really think they represent black people negatively…they put those people on television because they know they’re going to talk about black people negatively…. so I feel it’s my duty to talk about them

He then proceeded to discuss Black Jesus on Adult Swim, which he touched on not doing shows wearing drag, black actors, and losing out on opportunities.

I’m not going to be on a TV show that they got me wearing lipstick in a dress and all that… It eliminates a lot of my opportunity.. What I see is a lot of brothas know it’s coming when you book a sitcom or a show regular, you know the episode with you and the lipstick is coming…. We need role models on television who aren’t just about that…. you won’t see me portrayed as a female which I think is a agenda that is being pushed heavy right now.

As the conversation continued Corey explained Chicago comedy, coming up in Los Angeles, his comedy, and this year’s Million Man March. Towards the end, he even noted that he is set to appear in Kendrick Lamar’s next music video. Listen to the interview below.

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