D.L. Hughley Questions Caitlyn Jenner Coverage: Points Out Police Brutality

dl hugley

You’ve probably heard it by now that Bruce Jenner wants to be addressed as Caitlyn Jenner. Yesterday, the reality star shocked viewers when he revealed his transformation into becoming a woman. The story made it’s way to several comedians that had their jokes ready on the news. For D.L. Hughley though, he took time to question the overall Jenner coverage. In a single Tweet, D.L. went on to say, “Funny how America is more concerned with a man who says he’s a woMAN than a black dude who says he’s a huMAN!” The tweet caught many people’s attention as he referenced reports of police brutality happening amongst black men and it’s lack of concern. Of course some were against what D.L. suggested while others cheered in agreement.


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