Damon Dash Teams Up With New York’s Smokey Suarez And Rising Comedians For ‘Mixed Nuts’

damon dash

In 2002 hip-hop entrepreneur Damon Dash ventured into comedy with film ‘Paper Soldiers’ which featured a then rising comedian, Kevin Hart. Now Dash is back with another comedy, looking to feature a few more comedians we should keep an eye out for. Interrobang briefly talked to New York stand-up comedian Smokey Suarez (pictured with Dash), who is working with Dash on the new comedy ‘Mixed Nutz’ as he explains how the comedy came together, and what fans can expect:

The movie is called Mixed Nuts and Smokey describes it as a “sketch-comedy movie.” There’s a series of sketches, skits and spoofs, with a musical guest that happens to be Murda Mook, who held it down at the BET Awards this past year by closing out the show to a standing ovation and who is generally recognized as the best battle rapper in the biz. They’re hoping it will spin off into a TV series on Netflix. Also in it are comics Marshall Brandon, Tommy Five Thousand, and Meme Simpson out of Chicago. Smokey said his relationship with Damon goes way back to 2002 when he did the movie Paper Soldiers with Kevin Hart, and later on another movie directed by Damon called Death of the Dynasty also with Kevin Hart, plus Capone, the gangster of comedy, Rob Stapleton and Gerald Kelly. Smokey wrote Mixed Nuts and had it for a while. Damon had called him to be in a film called Loisaidas with Jadakiss and Murda Mook, and they just shot another film called Too Honorable up in the Catskills, with Cam’ron, and Murda Mook and they sat down and Smokey pitched Mixed Nuts and Damon said , “Let’s do it!” During the filming of Mixed Nuts he and Damon had a snap battle, and he dared Damon to try stand-up comedy which he did. He got up and did like a 5-7 minute set which Smokey says will be in the movie.

damon dash No word yet on when Mixed Nuts plans to be released, but we will keep you posted as more develops.

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