Damon Wayans And Clayne Crawford’s Argument Leaks Online

Yesterday, ‘Variety’ would release an exclusive audio clip of Damon Wayans arguing with his former Lethal Weapon co-star Clayne Crawford. As you should know, Clayne was replaced on the series by Seann William Scott after several reports of Crawford’s on set behavior. In the audio clip, we hear Crawford confront Wayans for his decision on not wanting to finish a scene after being hit by a piece of shrapnel. Crawford would go on to label Wayans a “Pu**y”, while Wayans would tell his former co-star, “Suck my d*ck.” In the latest CH News, we see footage of Wayans’s accident that would cause the now leaked argument and injury to his head.

In the now exclusive, Variety also released a clip of Crawford spazzing on set over sound issues.