Damon Wayans Eyeing Comedy Return With New ABC Sitcom

Damon Wayans is officially eyeing his return to TV, as it has been announced that he has re-teamed up with ABC to produce a new sitcom. For the current project entitled ‘Let’s Stay Together’, Wayans will be joined by his My Wife And Kids partner Don Reo. Damon would take to Instagram to highlight his latest move with the message, “Can’t wait to be funny on my terms..”

According to sources, Let’s Stay Together is being pitched as a family comedy for a new kind of family. It will star Wayans as a single father who finds out it’s hard to get rid of millennial kids, and their kids. The sitcom reportedly features a story line that mirrors Wayans’ own life. Wayans and Reo are writing and executive producing. The duo’s previous collaboration, the 2001 sitcom My Wife and Kids, ran on ABC for five seasons and is one of ABC Studios’ most successful comedy series. Wayans is coming off a turbulent three-season stint on Fox’s Lethal Weapon, a series adaptation of the hit movie franchise. Wayans was strictly an actor-for-hire, playing detective Roger Murtaugh, on the hourlong drama, whose long filming hours took a toll on his health and whose behind-the-scenes drama included a co-lead recasting. Wayans is said to be more comfortable with a show that gives him a greater creative role, something that he had with My Wife and Kids, and the multi-camera comedy production schedule certainly is appealing as it is far less punishing than a network drama.


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