Damon Wayans Jr. Says Police Brutality May Prevent A ‘Lets Be Cops’ 2

damon wayans

Last year Damon Wayans Jr. alongside Jake Johnson took to theaters with their film Let’s Be Cops. During the time of the release several events of police brutality took place. In a new interview with Sway In The Morning, Damon was asked if a sequel to the film would happen and he went on to explain most likely not until police brutality against black men were handled.

I dont think we’re going to make another one until they stop smoking black dudes. You know with all the police brutality. I personally don’t want to make one because I feel like I would be betraying my people.

Apart of his interview, Damon explained family life, start in comedy, and a few other things. He talks police brutality and ‘Lets Be Cops’ sequel at the 9:50 mark.

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