Damon Wayans May Not Be Leaving ‘Lethal Weapon’

Back in October, Damon Wayans would make two shocking announcements. Wayans would reveal that he planned on leaving his steady role on FOX’s ‘Lethal Weapon’ and that he will be retuning to stand-up. According to Wayans the reason he was looking into leaving the FOX series was because the work load was becoming too much. Well this week, FOX chairman Charlie Collier has revealed that Wayans could actually be staying around.

Fox Entertainment chairman Charlie Collier avoided directly addressing Lethal Weapon star Damon Wayans’ comments that he would be leaving the show after Season 3 for health reasons, but he indicated indirectly that this might not be the end of the reboot, which underwent a co-lead change after Season 2. Wayans made headlines with his bombshell announcement in October that he was planning to leave the Fox series after the first 13 episodes of Season 3 are completed because of the toll working on the show had been taking on his health as a diabetic. Since then, he agreed to do two additional episodes, and I have been hearing the veteran actor and Lethal Weapon producer Warner Bros TV had worked out a framework where he potentially could continue working with accommodations made to alleviate the burden of long filming hours.