Damon Wayans Shares Head Injury That Was A Reason Why Clayne Crawford Was Fired

Last evening, Damon Wayans appeared to want to clear his name for anyone that suspects he was the main reason why co-star Clayne Crawford was fired from FOX’s Lethal Weapon. While on his ‘now unavailable’ Twitter, Wayans would send out a series of Tweets that would reveal Clayne Crawford on set behavior. As reported here, Crawford’s role with the show was put in jeopardy¬†after a number of incidents happened on set in which he would publicly address two incidents. Included in his Tweets, Wayans would release a video and picture of him receiving¬†a head injury from a scene that was directed by Crawford. The story looks to still be developing as Crawford has yet to address the latest surrounding his exit. In the newest Comedy Hype News, below, we delve more into the story.