Damon Wayans Shares He’s Retiring From Stand-Up, Says Audiences Have Changed


Last year, Damon Wayans (far right)  got back into the groove of stand-up comedy when he began featuring with his brothers on a few special dates. The previous comedy shows were expected to be a lead-up to an official Wayans family tour across the country. Unfortunately the awaited tour doesn’t look like it will be featuring Damon, at least for now. In an interview with Arizona’s The Desert Sun, Damon shared he’s looking at retiring from stand-up because the audience has changed since his early beginnings.

“The traveling is killing me,” he says in a telephone interview from Los Angeles. “And I don’t like this climate (political correctness). You’ve got to watch what you’re saying. It’s not stand-up as I know it. I can’t even explain how old I feel talking to college kids about any subject other than pimples and sex. They can’t relate to it.”

In the same interview, Damon shared why he thinks black comedians have been light on the jokes when it comes to president Obama, in which he closed out by further hinting that he’s done with stand-up.

Black people, black comedians, have a very protective allegiance to Obama,” he says. “They don’t want to be the ones to dog the first black president, so they’re not really speaking out on a lot of the things that went down. The audience is different. The temperament of the country is different. It don’t feel like you’re getting all the laughs you’re supposed to get for the right jokes. A lot of ‘ooohs’ and Shut up! He does think black comics will address the issues fermenting black unrest in communities like Ferguson and Baltimore after Obama leaves office. But, will he then return to the stand-up circuit? “No,” he says. “I’m done. Maybe I’ll whisper some funny things in my son’s ear.”

Grand opening, Grand closing.
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