Damon Williams Clears Beef With Corey Holcomb: “I’m Not A Hater”

Veteran comedian Damon Williams has had a very well respected career. The Chicago raised talent has touched every stage you can imagine. On February 1st, Williams will release his first ever official comedy album, ‘Laugh Tonight! Be Serious Tomorrow!’ across all digital platforms.¬† In the midst of beefs happening in comedy, Damon looks to now want to end a feud between himself and fellow Chicago comedian Corey Holcomb.

Williams will tell our cameras that he hopes to one day move pass his issues with Holcomb after Holcomb would reportedly accuse him of stealing jokes and hating. According to Damon, the whole fall out started over him selling merchandise at a comedy show during Corey Holcomb’s performance. Take a look, below.

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