Daphnique Springs Makes Her National TV Stand-Up Debut On All Def Comedy, Shares Advice To Female Comedians

Tonight (Friday, Dec.  15th) All Def Comedy is set to premiere another episode of their stand-up series on HBO at 10PM. The show features a line-up of familiar names and upcoming talent for viewers to enjoy. Amongst the new faces, we will see 6 year comedian Daphnique Springs as she makes her television stand-up debut. Some may be familiar with the Florida native since she wears the crown as the 20th ABFF Comedy Wings Champ, and also is a known feature on Katt Williams’s tour.

Given the current climate of women in entertainment, we took the opportunity to ask Springs how she handles herself in this particular male dominated industry. She would go on to share a few words of advice for women looking to make it in comedy.

Photo: HBO

The difficult thing about that process (comedy) is that it’s a male dominated field. You have to work twice as hard. You have to prove yourself to be funny and talented. You have to work on your act but you can’t work on your act if you can’t get on shows. So you have to be willing to do every show possible. Once you get strong enough to become funny, the people that told you “No” originally are now calling you to do shows.

Check out her comedy tips for upcoming female comedians 

1. Don’t Sleep With The Comics

You shouldn’t sh*t where you eat. You being a female it will help a lot because you have certain people like Katt WIlliams, and Martin Lawrence having women open up for them. I went to Chris Rock’s show this past week and he had females opening up for him like Tiffany Haddish and a couple of others. You being a female, people will give you the opportunity just makes sure your good, funny, and ready.

2. Networking

Don’t ever accept “No”. When someone tells you “No” maybe that means for today. You’re going to keep telling me “No” until you tell me “Yes”. While you’re telling me “No”, I’m going to make sure I get better . Those “No’s” will turn into “Yes’s”. People are going to tell you “No” because they’re unfamiliar with you and that’s natural. If it was easy then everyone would do it.

3. Be Able To Roast To Gain Respect

If you can come back real quick with a response, they’ll leave you alone. [Laughs] It’s because your like in a fraternity, they’re going to roast each other, they’re going to roast you. If you have some quick comebacks they will leave you alone.

4. Joke About Other Things Than Sex

Another tip I have for female comedians is that there is a million other things to joke about other than sex. That’s a stereotype that a lot women only discuss sexual things. Unless you having sex 24 hours a day, there’s other things you can discuss. Live life and write about it. Wether it’s a good situation or bad situation we can all turn it into comedy.

Be sure to tune in to Daphinique’s performance tonight as she told Comedy Hype will be based around her actual dating life. As far as a comedy special down the line, Daphnique shared she is very much interested to do a special but she’s working more on her point of view.


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