Dave Chappelle Allegedly Upsets Fans While Defending Bill Cosby’s Legacy

dave chappelle

While in Milwaukee for a series of comedy show’s Dave Chappelle may have angered a few in attendance when he chimed in on the allegations surrounding Bill Cosby. According to JSOnline, Chappelle spoke up for Cosby’s positive influences and ruffled a few feathers in the process.

So Sunday, after saying he wasn’t going to talk about the Bill Cosby scandal, at his wife’s request, he went ahead and did it anyway. Not a single Cosby joke Chappelle said is fit for print, but they were edgy enough to generate hearty laughs.Yet Chappelle went even further, taking a stance that audibly upset a few audience members. While insisting he didn’t want to dismiss the claims against Cosby, Chappelle also said he didn’t want his positive legacy to be forgotten, considering, he said, that there are monuments in Washington for people who owned slaves. It goes without saying this is an extremely controversial stance that can and will polarize a lot of people. What can’t be disputed, however, is that unfiltered comments like these are why fans fell in love with Chappelle in the first place.

Back in December Chappelle previously commented on the Cosby allegations by referring to Hannibal Buress as the person who accidently killed Cosby.

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