Dave Chappelle And Jon Stewart Talk Trump On CNN: “The White House Wasn’t Able To Transform Him”

Jon Stewart and Dave Chappelle recently made a trip to London for their joint comedy tour. In a new talk with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, the men take a moment to reflect on the past year of Donald Trump as the president of The United States. For Chappelle, he would continue sharing his disappointment on Trump’s presidency while Stewart shared he expected The White House to change Trump instead of the opposite happening.

(Chappelle) “Is he doing a good job? Am I happy with what he’s doing? No, it’s been very difficult to watch the last couple of years.”After an impromptu joint show last year on the day of a neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, the two comics have teamed up for a global comedy tour tackling some of America’s darkest challenges, including gun violence and the opioid crisis. Stewart, too, said “there was a part of me” that hoped being in the White House would transform the person Trump had been as a candidate. In reality, he now says, “I imagine he walked in that room — he’s like, ‘Take that down, take that down, put up dogs playing poker. Can a fellow get some French fries around here?'””Oddly enough, he transformed the White House, and the White House wasn’t able to transform him.”


You can watch highlights, here.