Dave Chappelle ‘Banana Peel’ Trial Moves Forward, Suspect Charged With Battery

dave chappelle

We found out earlier this year that Dave Chappelle might be headed to court over an incident he had with a heckler during a stop in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Things started when the suspect threw a banana peel at Dave and now he is being charged for battery and disturbing the peace over the incident. It was also revealed that Chappelle visited the man the same night to question his actions.

The man accused of throwing a banana peel at comedian Dave Chappelle during a New Mexico show has been charged with disturbing the peace and battery. Christian Englander will now face trial, with jury selection scheduled for 23 September, Assistant District Attorney Anastasia Martin said. Each charge carries a maximum jail term of six months and a possible $500 fine. Police said Englander had acknowledged throwing the peel after he was offended by jokes Chappelle made about a friend. “If I can, I would like to avoid a trial,” Englander said on Monday, following a brief hearing before Judge Donita Sena in the magistrates’ court.”I’m not afraid of the end result, but it’s a waste of human resources.” There are “real criminals out there that they can try. If there is a plea offering, I’ll take it,” Englander added. The case has attracted attention after Chappelle said throwing a banana peel was a racist act. On Monday, Englander, who is white, said that after the police apprehended him on 30 March, Chappelle came to the police station to speak to him. According to Englander, Chappelle asked him: “Don’t you know bananas are racist?” Englander said he told Chappelle, 41, that he did not agree.


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