Dave Chappelle Disses Key & Peele, And Talks The Daily Show [Audio]

Ever since sketch comedy series Key And Peele first aired on Comedy Central, they have been receiving comparisons to The Chappelle Show. So you’ve ever wondered what Chappelle thinks about those comparisons? Well we got a hold of an audio clip of Chappelle talking with fans at his recent comedy show in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Yes the same comedy show he got hit by a Banana peele. In part of his talk and performance, Chappelle ended up speaking on the comedy duo of Jordan Peele and Keegan Michael Key. When it comes to the success of the Key & Peele series, Dave delivered a series of back-handed compliments. Listen as he starts things off with a jab at The Daily Show as he speaks on The Chappelle show outdoing Jon Stewart’s show.

I don’t know how they came up with a show that great? (sarcastically) Oh that’s right I remember how. – Dave Chappelle

  1. Dave, by the same logic you got your show from Flip Wilson and Keenan Ivory Wayans. You don’t own racial sketch comedy.

  2. DC and JP and KMK are all hilarious in their own right; back in the Mad TV days I definitely remember Key & Peele standing out in some of the sketches, and on Mad TV they also did the “stand in front of a live audience and make some joke that leads into the next sketch” so it’s not like they decided to imitate Dave after he left! And Flip Wilson and the Wayans and others came before them as well as Kevmo pointed out…

    But huge fan of all of them, Dave and Key & Peele so cmon boys ONE LOVE aight?

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