Dave Chappelle A Future Politician? Talks With Hometown Council About Police

Dave Chappelle could easily slide his way into politics for several reasons. Being a comedian he’s already a great speaker and given that Donald Trump showed that celebrity influence helps in politics; Chappelle has a shot. As of now he still focused on making us laugh but has shown in several occasions that he can really discuss some serious topics. Yesterday while in Ohio; Chappelle spoke with his hometown council to discuss police and the opportunity the town had to be a leader in progressive law enforcement.

Comedian Dave Chappelle was among those who spoke out Monday evening when Yellow Springs, Ohio held a town hall meeting to address lingering concerns about a New Year’s Eve incident in which police tazed two attendees of the city’s official celebration. Chappelle, who is among the town’s longtime residents, spoke at the meeting to “beseech” the Yellow Springs City Council “to look deeply, and to look hard” at what he called “A golden opportunity.” Chappelle began his comments in friendly spirits by noting that local police have helped him personally on multiple occasions — but then called the incident a “huge gaffe.” After noting that the story appeared in the New York Times, he pointed out that the paper’s travel editor is someone he went to school with in Yellow Springs, and then recalled the police officers and their families that he personally knew growing up in the community.


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