Watch: Dave Chappelle Heckles Kanye West During Phife Dawg Tribute

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Last night at Harlem’s Apollo Theater stars gathered together to remember late rapper Phife Dawg of group A Tribe Called Quest. The emcee lost his life over a week ago from complications caused by diabetes. The tribute brought out familiar faces including Busta Rhymes, André 3000, KRS-One, Public Enemy’s Chuck D, The Roots,  Grandmaster Flash, Lauryn Hill,  and more. One moment in particular seems to have stood out during a speech Kanye West was giving apart of the night. As Kanye explained the details of currently living in a $20,000,000 home he referred to Dave Chappelle to co-sign his living arrangements, “I stay in a 20 million dollar crib next to the dentist…. Dave Chappelle you know what I’m talking about..” Once said, a slight pause occurred which Chappelle who was tucked into the crowd belted out, “I’m still working on it Kanye!”  An immediate response from the laughing audience occured. Now it did appear that Kanye was a little thrown off by the response but we hear he was able to continue a heartfelt speech on the legacy of Phife Dawg. These two go back so where sure all is well but nothing compares to a comedy great heckling your speech.